The Inside Scoop For Houston

Houston is a great town to be in, no matter if you’re just passing through or you live here! I have lived all over this Country – in San Francisco, West Palm Beach, Columbus OH, Evanston WY, Pheonix AZ…and they all have great things to bring you there. If you have never been to Houston you need to plan a trip here very soon! That is why I put this site together, to lead you to the best (in my opinion!) place to go, or things to do and places to visit!

Now I reside in Columbus OH, which is my favorite town. I’m right behind the Campus which is fantastic! And I’ve really been able to learn this area really well. But no matter if you’re in Columbus, or downtown Houston, or anywhere in between, there are tons of great areas to go to and great things to do!

The first thing that that caught my eye when I moved to Houston was, how incredibly big the buildings are. The attractions are simply amazing! I’m still exploring all the water parks and amusement parks, not to mention the zoos and aquariums.

What I mean is that you should expect the best no matter where you go and don’t settle on just anywhere go where you love to spend you time.

Each and every page of this site encourages you to go find these places and try them out and you decide if its you favorite spot as well in Houston Texas! You may disagree with me and if you do I totally get it! Maybe for your taste you might prefer Uchi, while I might recommend Taste of Texas Restaurant instead, and I get that! In fact I’m more than happy if you’d like to email me with your feedback!

(You might possibly get me to change my mind, go ahead and try me!)

Ok, now I hope I have encouraged you to go out and try something new today! I want you to go out have a great time and don’t forget to drop me a line telling my how great you think Houston is!